Spring View Middle School

Board Policy/Administrative Procedure 6153

Field trips will be classified as either minor or major trips.

Minor Field Trip (Requests will be considered and approved or denied by administrative personnel)

  • Travel of students to an activity within 150 air miles from Placer County, inside the states of California or Nevada.

Major Field Trip (Requests will be considered and approved or denied by the Board of Trustees)

  • Travel of students to an activity located more than 150 air miles from Placer County
  • Travel of students to any location outside of continental United States
  • All overnight field trips regardless of location/mileage


There are two types of field trips:

1.   Co-curricular field trips are defined as activities that may be associated with the curriculum in a regular classroom.  These are outgrowths of classroom activities and serve as valuable supplements to the regular classroom program.  They are designed to encourage and/or reinforce classroom instruction and may be funded by the district.  Class trips involving short distances by bus or walking is encouraged, whereas trips involving many miles of travel are discouraged.

2.   Extracurricular field trips are activities which include, but are not limited to; athletic events, cheerleading, and the variety of events sponsored by school clubs and organizations as approved in writing by the principal.  These activities provide students with opportunities to participate in educational, social, and intellectual development of the students.

Students must have written parent permission in order to participate in trips requiring transportation.  (Education Code 35350)  The district shall provide an alternative educational experience for students whose parents/guardians do not wish them to participate in a trip.  Students who do not have written permission may not be allowed to participate in a particular field trip. Only students who are members of the class may attend the field trip activity.
Transportation for all field trips beyond walking distance is provided by District buses.  Parent chaperones, along with classroom teachers, must ride the buses with the students.  No student may be transported to a field trip location in a private car unless accompanied by his/her own parent, and all waiver forms are signed and filed in the school office prior to the departure of the bus.
All chaperones going on field trips must be fingerprinted. (Parents should pick up a Live Scan form from the school office.  School secretaries will direct you where to take the form.)

Parents who wish to accompany their own child on a field trip and are not a chaperone, may do so. However, their child should be assigned to a group and a chaperone, and that parent would need to buddy-up with the chaperone assigned to their child.  Parents who are not serving as chaperones will need to provide their own transportation on field trips.  (Board Policy/Administrative Procedure 7101)