Spring View Middle School

Gym Clothes

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All students must wear a uniform for physical education.

  • Improper uniform may result in not being able to participate in class activities. The student’s grade will be lowered one letter grade for that unit as a result, (non-suit)


Required gym clothes are as follows:

  • A pair of black “Spring View”” shorts sold by the school, or a pair of plain black gym shorts with name on it.  The longer length is encouraged.
  • A gray “Spring View Physical Education” T-shirt sold by the school, or a plain gray T-shirt---NO pockets allowed.
  • Athletic shoes and a pair of socks.
  • School clothes are not appropriate for physical education and will not be allowed.
  • Sagging will not be tolerated in physical education.  A behavior mark, which results in a loss of a grade in a unit, will be given.  Continued sagging will result in a visit to the assistant principal.
  • Optional sweatshirts and pants are recommended for inclement weather.  These must be worn over the required PE uniform.  Only the solid colors black, gray, red or white are acceptable.  No jackets or zippered sweat-tops will be allowed.
  • A teacher must approve all physical education uniform substitutions.  All clothes worn in physical education must be CLEARLY MARKED with the student’s last name followed by their first initial.  Please use black permanent marker only.
  • The cost for a SVPE uniform (shirt & shorts) is $25.00 and can be purchased through the main office.  Spring  View logo sweatshirts are also available for $25.00.
Excuses & Make-Ups

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  • With a parent note, a student may be excused for a maximum of TWO days.  The note must be SIGNED AND DATED.  On the third day, a doctor’s note is required.  The student will dress for all activities, whether a medical or not, unless approved by their unit teacher, and an alternate activity may be assigned during class.  Parent phone calls will not be accepted.
  • All medical notes from doctors must be filed with the school nurse, with  an additional copy to the P.E. teacher.  The doctor’s office may also fax the note to the school at (916) 624-5737.
  • Only one parent note per unit will be accepted for CARDIO days.


  • Physical Education make-ups will be completed during flex days.  All students will be required to dress on these  days.  Students who wish to erase one non-participation mark will be allowed to perform make-ups during class.