Spring View Middle School


Arrivals iconArrivalstitle

The school day starts promptly at 8:30 a.m.  Students arriving at school after 8:30 a.m. must report to the attendance window for an admission slip.  Students should not arrive at school earlier than 8:10 a.m., as there is no adult supervision before then.  When arriving at school, students may use the blacktop, eating area, amphitheater, or library.  If it is raining, students should go directly to the multipurpose room, library, or outside covered eating area until the 8:25 a.m. bell.  Breakfast is served starting at 8:10 a.m.

Tardiness iconTardinesstitle

School starts at 8:30 a.m.  Students arriving late in the morning must check in at the attendance window for an admission slip before going to his/her classroom.  If a student is tardy a note signed by a parent/guardian must be brought to the attendance office by the next school day.  Repeated unexcused tardiness will be handled as a discipline problem.

Appointments iconAppointmentstitle

If a student must leave school at any time for any reason, he/she is to present a written request signed by a parent or guardian at the attendance window before school starts in the morning.  When it is time to leave school, a parent or guardian must sign the student out in the attendance office.

Attendance  iconAttendance title

When a student is absent, a parent or guardian should call the attendance recorder daily at 624-3381.  If this is not possible, the student must bring a note upon returning to school.  This note must include the dates and reasons for the absence.  Illness or unavoidable medical/dental appointments or funerals are the only excused absences.
Address/Phone # Changes

Address/Phone # Changes iconAddress/Phone # Changestitle

Please report all address/phone number changes to the attendance office ASAP.  It is important to have current contact information on file for your student.
Telephone Use

Telephone Use iconTelephone Usetitle

During school hours a pass is required to use the phones in the office. Students are requested to be courteous and to limit their phone calls to two or three minutes.

Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices (Board Policy 5131)

Students are allowed to have cell phones and other electronic signaling devices in their possession while at school.  However, cell phones and other electronic signaling devices must be off during school hours and during all indoor extra-curricular activities. A copy of the signed Cell Phone Discipline Contract will be on file.
Messages and Deliveries

 Messages and Deliveries icon Messages and Deliveriestitle

Due to the volume of requests and multiple classroom interruptions, the office staff will not accept or deliver nonessential personal messages.  Special occasion balloons are not allowed on campus.   Parents are encouraged to let students assume responsibility for remembering lunches, school items, and homework.  Thank you for understanding and recognizing that interruptions disrupt the educational process.

Bicycles iconBicyclestitle

Bicycles may be ridden to and from school with the understanding that they be maintained and operated in a safe manner.  Helmets are required by law.

Students should walk bikes and use the crosswalk when crossing the streets near the school.  Bikes should not be walked or ridden through the parking lots.

Bicycles will not be ridden on school grounds or in corridors.  Bicycles must be parked inside the bike racks and are to be locked.  The school cannot be responsible for damaged or stolen bicycles.

Skateboards, in-line skates, and/or scooters are not allowed to be ridden on campus and must be checked in with the homeroom teacher.
The school is not responsible for damaged or stolen personal property.
Walking To/From School

 Walking To/From School icon Walking To/From Schooltitle

When walking, students are to use the sidewalks and crosswalks (NO JAYWALKING) upon arriving or leaving campus.  Students are not to walk across the parking lot at any time, even when meeting a parent.  Due to the heavy volume of traffic and extreme safety issues, we appreciate all efforts to ensure student safety.
Bus Departures/Passes

 Bus Departures/Passes icon Bus Departures/Passestitle

Families may purchase bus passes at the Transportation Office located at 2225 Corp Yard Road (next door to UPS, off Sierra Meadows).  The Transportation Office phone number is 624-9106.  If a student is going home on a different bus, parents must send a note to school stating approval, bus number, and stop.  Buses at full capacity may deny students who do not regularly ride that particular bus.  Bus passes for riding the bus on a temporary basis may be purchased through the school office.

Thomas Edward Lanni School Bus Safety Act of 1997 (AB1297)

Prior to the passage of AB1297, school bus drivers were required to activate a buses red flashing signal lights and the stop signal arm only when a pupil the bus had been carrying was about to cross a public or private roadway.  After January 1, 1998, the red flashing signal lights and stop signal arm are required to be operated every time the bus stops for the purpose of loading or unloading pupils, even if the pupil does not intend to cross the road.

Vehicle Code 22454 states that the driver of any vehicle, upon meeting or overtaking, from either direction, any school bus displaying a flashing red light signal and stop signal arm, that is stopped for the purpose of loading or unloading any school children, shall bring the vehicle to a stop immediately before passing the school bus and shall not proceed past the school bus until the flashing red light signal and stop arm signal arm cease operation.
Homework Requests

 Homework Requests icon Homework Requeststitle

SCHOOLWORK SHOULD ONLY BE REQUESTED THROUGH THE OFFICE WHEN A STUDENT IS ILL OR ABSENT FROM SCHOOL FOR THREE OR MORE DAYS.  Schoolwork may be easily made up on the student’s return to school when less than three days are involved.  To obtain work each day the student is out for an absence of less than three days, the student may contact a classmate for relevant assignments or by checking the school’s website see page 14.

If a student is absent three days and absences continue, parents may contact the attendance clerk to make a homework request.  Homework will be available in 24 hours.  The attendance clerk will make arrangements for work to be picked up at the front office or sent home with another student, whichever is more convenient.  If homework requests are received after 8:00 a.m., the work will not be ready to be picked up until 3:30 p.m. the following day.  Academy weekly calendars are available on the school’s website.

The aforementioned policy will help us better meet your needs and the needs of the student who is absent from school.  Also, please be reminded that teachers are available by appointment before and after school to assist students with any work missed.
Prearranged Absence/Independent Study Contracts

 Prearranged Absence/Independent Study Contracts icon Prearranged Absence/Independent Study Contractstitle

When parents know their student will be away from school for at least five consecutive days, the school may assign work through an Independent Study Program if the student meets the requirements, Board Policy 6158(a).  If the work is completed and the Independent Study Contract is fulfilled, students will receive credit for being in school.  Parents must inform the office at least one week in advance to have their student participate in this program.  A meeting between the homeroom teacher, parent/guardian and student is required to review together the assignments and for all parties to sign the necessary documentation.  The Independent Study Contract must be completed and work returned to the respective teachers the day of the student’s return for the school to receive full funding.  Due to high academic demands and the importance of classroom instruction, it is not advised that students participate in extended vacations that would cause them to miss school.
Home/Hospital Instruction

Home/Hospital Instruction iconHome/Hospital Instructiontitle

Students who become ill or disabled for longer than four weeks during the school year may receive instruction at home.  The parent should notify the attendance office who will coordinate with the school nurse to determine the appropriateness of Home/Hospital Independent Study.  When approved by the school administration, a teacher will be assigned.

Lunch iconLunchtitle

Spring View Middle School is a closed campus. Leaving campus at lunchtime without being signed out in the office by the parent/guardian will result in serious disciplinary action and may be considered a truancy per California Education Code. All students eating at school will eat in designated areas.  All students will line up in an orderly manner to receive their lunches.  Cutting into lines is unacceptable.

Students may prepay for breakfast and lunch. Checks should be made out to Rocklin Unified School District.  Absolutely no meal charges will be allowed.  Prepayment of lunches may be brought to the office before 10:00 a.m. Milk and snack items may be purchased separately.  Students are encouraged to be responsible for their own lunches. Parents may deliver money or a lunch to their student after checking into the office.

Students will be held responsible for cleaning their eating area. Good table manners and conduct will be expected of all students.

Breakfast Prices (Secondary): Regular $1.75 / Reduced $ .30 / Free $ .00 / Adult $2.50
Lunch Prices (Secondary): Regular $2.75 / Reduced $ .40 / Free $ .00 / Adult $3.50
A la Carte Items (Secondary): Prices & Items Vary – See menus for details

Passes iconPassestitle

Each student will be issued a pass when it is necessary to leave the classroom. Students must have a pass if they are out of class for any reason. In order to go to the office at any time, including lunch, a student must have a pass signed by a teacher or aide noting time, date and destination.
Personal Property

 Personal Property icon Personal Propertytitle

Students must not bring items of value to school without the express consent of both parent/guardian and teacher.  The school is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.  Students bear the sole responsibility for personal items brought to school.

Students are not to bring large sums of money to school.  Personal property having no bearing on studies will not be allowed at school.  This includes radios, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, video games, CD/tape players, recorders, trading cards, baseball bats, cameras, pagers, phones, etc.  These items will be confiscated and held a minimum of 30 days and/or parents may be requested to pick them up. 

All objects which in any way might be considered dangerous or a nuisance, including pocket knives and laser pens, shall NOT be brought to school.
Lost and Found

Lost and Found iconLost and Foundtitle

Clothing and other personal articles found during the school year are turned in to the Student Services Office.  On a monthly basis, items not claimed are donated to a charitable organization.  Labeling of possessions such as coats, shoes, physical education clothes, etc., is recommended.  Students are responsible for claiming lost items.

Textbooks/Materials iconTextbooks/Materialstitle

Students are held accountable for the care and safekeeping of books assigned to them.  Students will be billed for the replacement cost of lost or damaged books, including their Student Planner.  Per state law, the school has authority to collect for lost or damaged items.  (Eighth graders should see promotion requirements.)
Use of Volunteers Services (Board Policy 1240)

Use of Volunteers Services (Board Policy 1240)  iconUse of Volunteers Services (Board Policy 1240) title

Volunteers may supervise students during lunch and/or breakfast or may serve as volunteers under the immediate supervision and direction of certified personnel to perform non-instructional work, assisting certificated personnel in the performance of teaching and administrative responsibilities.  These duties shall not include assignments of grades to students.  A volunteer shall perform his/her duties in the physical presence of the teacher as the teacher retains responsibility for the instruction and supervision of students in her/her charge.
Sex Offender Checks

Sex Offender Checks iconSex Offender Checkstitle

Before authorizing any person to serve as a volunteer, the Superintendent or designee shall ask a local law enforcement agency to conduct an automated records check or submit the person’s fingerprints to the Department of Justice to determine that the individual is not a registered sex offender.
Finger Printing

Finger Printing iconFinger Printingtitle

Any volunteer, who supervises students without a certificated employee present, must be fingerprinted. (Parents should pick up a Live Scan form from the school office.  School secretaries will direct you where to take the form.)

Tuberculosis Testing

Tuberculosis Testing iconTuberculosis Testingtitle

All volunteers who are in a classroom three or more times per week, shall submit evidence that they are free from active tuberculosis at least once every four years pursuant to Education Code 49406.  All volunteers who are in a classroom three or more times per week, shall be tested for tuberculosis within 60 days before or within seven days after the volunteer service begins.  Staff shall also maintain follow-up reports indicating that the volunteer is free from tuberculosis.
Volunteer Facilities Projects

Volunteer Facilities Projects iconVolunteer Facilities Projectstitle

All volunteer facilities projects shall have approximate start and completion dates and must be approved by the principal in advance.  Projects approved by the principal shall also be approved in advance by the Director of Facilities or Director of Maintenance.
School Visitations (Board Policy 1250)

School Visitations (Board Policy 1250)  iconSchool Visitations (Board Policy 1250) title

The Board of Trustees encourages parents/guardians and interested members of the community to visit the schools and view the educational program.  To ensure minimum interruption of instructional program, visits during school hours should be first arranged with the teacher and principal or designee.  If a conference is desired, an appointment should be set with the teacher during non-instructional time.  To ensure the safety of students and staff and avoid potential disruptions, all visitors shall register in the school administration office immediately upon entering any school building or grounds when school is in session.  No electronic listening or recording device may be used by students or visitors in a classroom without the teacher and principal’s permission.

School hours include the hours during the day that students would reasonably be expected to be involved in school activities.  School hours are only applicable on days during the week that school is in session.

School Office Hours:  7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

School Visitor Registration

School Visitor Registration iconSchool Visitor Registrationtitle

Parent/Guardian: Each parent/guardian desiring to schedule a parent/teacher conference is required under normal circumstances to give a 24-hour notice and report to an area designated by the school principal to sign a register before meeting with the teacher for such conference.  A parent/guardian wanting to visit the classroom or view his/her student’s participation in a presentation, demonstration, or performance is required to report to a designated area and register before attending the above mentioned activity.  In either case, if the request is approved, the visitor will be announced to the teacher by the office personnel, and the visitation will be coordinated by a school representative.

The Superintendent or designee shall post at every entrance to each school and school grounds a notice setting forth visitor registration requirements, hours during which registration is required, the registration location, the route to take to that location, and the penalties for violation of registration requirements.  (Penal Code 627.6)

Unless otherwise directed by the principal or designee, a staff member shall accompany visitors while they are on school grounds.

Any person other than the following is considered a visitor and required to register upon entering school premises during school hours: (Penal Code 627.1, 627.2, Evidence Code 1070)

1.  A student of the school, unless currently under suspension;

2.  A Governing Board Member or District employee who is required to be on school grounds, or any authorized person who is on school grounds at the district’s/school’s request.  Board members who visit schools of their own volition have no more authority than any other citizen.  Board members have authority only in regularly called meetings of the Board, or when delegated specific tasks by Board actions.

Registration Procedure

Registration Procedure iconRegistration Proceduretitle

In order to register, visitors shall, upon request, furnish the principal or designee with the following information: (Penal Code 627.3)
  1. His/her name, address and occupation
  2. His/her age, if less than 21
  3. His/her purpose for entering school grounds
  4. Proof of identity
  5. Other information consistent with the provisions of law
Loitering/Trespassing on School Grounds

Loitering/Trespassing on School Grounds iconLoitering/Trespassing on School Groundstitle

Loitering on school grounds in the District is prohibited.  Any individual who is present on any school grounds in the District who has no apparent lawful purpose to pursue will be directed to leave the school grounds immediately as per California Penal Code requirements.
Denial of Registration (Call District Office for Appeal Procedures)

Denial of Registration  (Call District Office for Appeal Procedures) iconDenial of Registration (Call District Office for Appeal Procedures)title

The following provisions of law shall apply to visitors.
  1. The principal or designee may refuse to register any visitor if he/she reasonably concludes that the visitor’s presence or acts would disrupt the school, students, or employees; would result in damage to property; or would result in the distribution or use of a controlled substance.  The principal or designee or school security officer may revoke a visitor’s registration if he/she has a reasonable basis for concluding that the visitor’s presence on school grounds would interfere or is interfering with the peaceful conduct of school activities or would disrupt or is disrupting the school, students, or staff. (Penal Code 627.4)
  2. The principal or designee may request that a visitor who has failed to register or whose registration privileges have been denied or revoked, promptly leave school grounds and not return within 48 hours (Ed. Code 32211).  When a visitor is directed to leave, the principal or designee shall inform the visitor that if he/she reenters the school within seven (7) days he/she will be guilty of a misdemeanor subject to a fine and/or imprisonment. (Penal Code 627.7)

Appeal Procedure

Any person who is denied registration or whose registration is revoked may appeal to the Superintendent or designee by submitting within five (5) days a District complaint form and by following the District’s complaint procedure (Administrative Policy 1312).  The final segment in the appeal process is for the Board of Trustees to consider the appeal.