Spring View Middle School

Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 5142

The Board of Trustees places a high priority on safety and on the prevention of student injury.  Principals and staff are responsible for the conduct and safety of students from the time they come under school supervision until they leave school supervision, whether on school premises or not.  The Superintendent or designee shall establish regulations and procedures as necessary to protect students from dangerous situations.
The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that teachers, teacher aides, yard aides, and volunteers who supervise students receive training in safety practices and in supervisory techniques, which will help them to forestall problems and resolve conflicts.

The following visitor regulations shall be in place at each school site:

  • All visitors, including parents, must sign in at the office.
  • All unknown visitors will show proof of identity.
  • Uniform District identification badges will be used throughout the District.
  • Picture identification badges will be used by District employees who visit campuses (i.e.    
  • Superintendents, Maintenance, Transportation/Cafeteria Supervisors.)
  • A “buddy system” will be in effect. K-3 students will have a companion when leaving the classroom. A 4-6 “buddy system” is supported and recommended, but is not mandatory unless upon parents’ request.