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The cans have all been counted! Congratulations to Ms. Axiak and Ms. Hayes’ homerooms. Ms. Axiak’s 7th grade homeroom brought in the most overall – 256 cans at an average of just under 8 cans/student brought in. Way to go, Axiak’s homeroom! Ms. Hayes’ 7th and 8th grade homeroom averaged OVER 14 cans per student! Awesome job! Honorable mention to Mrs. Davidson’s 8th grade homeroom with 157 cans and a 4.6 can/student average J The Spring View grand total is 1497 donated cans!! That’s right, all of us together brought in nearly 1,500 cans to help feed needy families in our area this holiday season. Thanks to everyone who brought in donations during the canned food drive!


Students view a demo of magnesium transferring 2 valence electrons to oxygen in a very bright chemical reaction.

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