Last Day/Promotion

Congratulations to all 8th graders for promotion! Here are a few pics from one of the ceremonies. Have a terrific summer!

Spring Rally & Field Day Photos

Spring Rally & Field Day

Jazz Band on a Flatbed

SV Track & Field

Science Classes Construction Projects

Girls on the Run

Congratulations to our students who completed the Girls on the Run 5k. Great job. More pics here.

Student Artwork

Congratulations to Natalie Knight for her 2nd place awarding winning artwork! It was displayed at the Rocklin Fine Arts Art Show at Finn Hall.

Testing out Newton's Laws of Motion

SVMS Orchestra at the Heritage Festival

Click here to see photos.

Spring View Talent Show 2014

SV Jazz Band Performing at Tri City Little League

Prize Patrol! March Edition

Girls Basketball Pics

Spring View competed against Antelope Crossing. Click here to see more pics.

Girls Basketball Highlights

Barbie Bungie

 Students conducted experimental drops to gather data about how much force Barbie exerts on a certain number of rubber bands. They then applied their knowledge of regression lines and Algebra to make sure Barbie bungeed safely from 400 centimeters. 16 out of 18 Barbies safely returned from their adventure… may the other 2 rest in peace. Click here to see more.

Motion & Forces of Olympic Ski Jumping

Capitol Section Honor Orchestra

Spring View students participate in the Capitol Section Honor Orchestra. Click here to see more.

Exothermic Reaction

CJSF Students at Skatetown

CJSF students got to enjoy ice skating at Skatetown. Click link for more pics. 

Prize Patrol: PE Edition

Winter Rally

Students had a blast at the Winter Rally. All academies spiritedly competed in fun competitions. Big thanks to Ms. Axiak and the leadership students for making a memorable event. See more pics here.

Wrestling vs. Granite Oaks

Click here to see more wrestling pics.

Learning Dance in PE

Prize Patrol at it Again

All of Mrs. Hanosh's students had an AR book, so the Prize Patrol rewarded them with cookies.

Spring View Running Club

Students of all sorts participate in Spring View's Running Club. Here is a pic of the group. All students are welcome to participate.

Winter Art Show & Concert

Art and music students presented their work during the Winter Art Show and Concert Tuesday. Take a look at the pictures.

Lunchtime Entertainment

Students enjoyed lively entertainment from the Jazz band and fun activities directed by student leadership. Click here to see more pics.

Electrical Conductivity Test

Chemical or Physical Change?

Spooky Sublimation

Boys Basketball Team Wins Tournament

Congratulations to the 8th grade boys basketball team for winning the SAS Tournament!

Homeroom Pumpkin Creations

Observing Changes in Matter

Students carefully observed how sugar changed. They compared the properties before the change to the properties after the change. If a physical change took place students observed only a change in size, shape or location. If a chemical change took place, students observed property changes like taste, color, smell, shininess, hardness, density etc. Click here to see more pics.

Check out the fun photos and videos that show the exciting things that go on at Spring View Middle School -- from bottle rockets and eggsplosions to concerts and dances to sports, talent shows and more. Click the links at left to see what we caught you, your friends or your students doing this year or in years past.

Sublimation in Film Canisters

Prize Patrol Strikes Again!

One lucky class was lucky to receive a visit from the prize patrol. Student earned prizes for specific tasks well done. Always be aware of the prize patrol! Click here to see more.

Double Lunch Fun

Girls' Volleyball!

Spring View Football 2013

Cornell Team Building Fun

Students in Cornell Academy had some fun in the sun. They had to strategize, run, work together to accomplish their team goals. Click here to see more pics of the fun.

Prize Patrol Strikes Again!

The Prize Patrol surprised Mr. Imrie's class Tuesday. All the students had their planners and thus received a prize.

Both students and teachers had fun.

Be sure to have your planner with you all the time. You will never know when and where the Prize Patrol will strike next.

USC Team Building Fun

Stanford Team Building

Students in Stanford academy were fortunate to have some fun during some team building activities in the multi-purpose room. Click here to see more.

First Day of Science

WEB Orientation

Click here to see more pics.