Congratulations 8th Graders!

Congratulations to all eighth grade students on their promotion. Have a great summer and have a wonderful freshman year. 

Shake it Off

Student Leadership Says "Thank You" to Teachers #amazing

First Paper Coaster Completed!

Spring View Music Anaheim Competition

Click here to see more pics.

Building a Paper Coaster

Run Rocklin 2015

Congratulations to all SV runners who participated in this year's Run Rocklin.

Inertia in Action

Determining the Factors that Affect the Motion of a Cup

Gathering Constant Speed Data

Observing marble motion.

Modeling Phase Changes with Humans Representing the Particles

Blast to the Past Rally

Do ice cubes melt differently on different materials?

Winter Dance Pics

Chemical Reaction?

Rain at Spring View

Determining the Properties of Known and Unknown Substances

Students were given 5 known substances (salt, sugar, Epsom salt, MSG, and Borax) and 1 unknown substance. Students had to determine what the unknown substance was based on properties such as color, flame color, hardness/crushability, solubility, re-crystallization, smell, texture, melting point, flammability, etc. Click here to see more.

Red Ribbon Spirit Week Fashion Show

Cross CountryTeam

2014-15 Spring View Cross Country Team

Flame Tests

Flag Football 2014

Girls Volleyball Photos

Girls Volleyball vs. Granite Oaks

Spring View Cheer

Prize Patrol: Perfect Attendance

Some Beginning of the Year Science Inquiry

First Prize Patrol of the Year

Mr. Fix's class wins prizes from the Prize Patrol for all members having their student handbook.

Yaliens From 2013-14