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A Parent's Guide to Facebook

A good resource for parents on how to handle your child's Facebook life.

The Adolescent Brain

Read about current research and its implications for student learning and effective parenting. View the slide show.

Counseling Resources

Call your School Guidance Counselor for an appointment to address your concerns.  We’re here to help! Our goal is to provide students with the necessary counseling to help them work through and overcome academic, social, behavioral, and personal problems that preclude meaningful learning. For more information download the information form.

Placer Parent Host Program

The Placer Parent Host Program was developed to increase awareness of underage drinking risks and empower parents to change community norms and provide safer environments for our youth. Spearheaded by a partnership of county law enforcement, public and community agencies, schools, citizen groups and Placer County HHS, the project provides two powerful elements of awareness and action, sending a clear unified message that teen alcohol consumption is not acceptable.

Lost & Found: A Mother and Son Find Victory Over Teen Drug Addiction

Lost & Found: A Mother and Son Find Victory Over Teen Drug Addiction, written by local resident Christy Crandell, is an important book for every parent to read. Christy found herself in a constant battle trying desperately to help her son Ryan fight his drug and alcohol addiction. That struggle ended when Ryan was arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to 13 years in prison. The Crandell’s are a wonderful family, Christy is a stay-at-home Mom – this can happen to anyone. Christy’s mission is to educate parents about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Visit Christy’s Web site for more information and valuable resources:

Center for the Improvement of Child Caring

The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) was established in 1974 and has grown to become one of America's largest and most influential parenting and parenting education organizations. It is a private, non-profit community service, training and research corporation, and a major supporter and participant in a nationwide Effective Parenting Movement to improve the overall quality of child rearing and child caring in the United States.

Network of Care for Kids

Network of Care for Kids is a "No Wrong Door" online information place for the individuals, families and agencies involved with children, especially the Prop. 10 target population of kids age 0-5. This online community provides critical information, communication and advocacy tools with a single point of entry. This site can greatly assist families in finding the best services for their children, from insurance coverage to local services. It's a better way to connect the community that cares for our children.  Network of Care for Kids is sponsored by the First 5 Placer County Children & Families Commission.

Parent Project

The Parent Project is an organization that provides resources and assistance to parents who are struggling with kids that are out of control, using drugs and/or alcohol, and a variety of other problems you may be experiencing.  They provide classes and meetings at Spring View for both parents and teens as well as other resources. 

Financial Aid for UC, CSU, and California Community Colleges

Students who think they might go to a UC, CSU, or a California Community College, the following websites will provide you with abundant information on student financial assistance programs.

The Teenage Brain from CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company) Science Radio Show Quirks and Quarks

Teen Brains:  This link will take you to the Quirks and Quarks website, a weekly science radio show on the CBC.  Dr. Thomas Paus, a cognitive neuroscientist at McGill University and professor of developmental cognitive neuroscience at the University of Nottingham, discusses the physical changes that are going on in the teenage brain.  It has a synopsis of the show and links to download the mp3 or Ogg file of the show so that you can listen. 
Teen Brain, Teen Mind: This link will take you to the Quirks and Quarks website.  Dr. Ron Clavier is a Toronto-based clinical psychologist with a background in neuroscience research. He's also author of the soon-to-be-released book, Teen Brain, Teen Mind: What Parents Need to Know to Survive the Adolescent Years.  He discusses what parents must do in dealing with the adolescent brain.  It has a synopsis of the show and links to download the mp3 or Ogg file of the show so that you can listen. 

GATE Resources

CAG (California Association for the Gifted) and SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) both have extensive resources for GATE students and parents of GATE students.

School Resource Officer

The school resource officer, Elizabeth Davis, works with the middle schools to help provide a safe learning environment.