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Reading Intervention News for the First Quarter

Hello!  Welcome to my new website!  I'm so excited to finally get this up and running!  :-)

Here are some important updates to what is happening in class:
1.  The Power Up student websites should be ready to go by the end of the week!  That means we can officially begin our intervention program in it's full implementation.  Student have been placed in their specific groups and their materials will be checked out by Friday!  In the meantime, we have been working on high vocabulary words and the acquisition of them for future reference.

2.  Your student is required to keep their A.R. book in their backpack because they will read it every third day of our rotation.  Their homeroom teacher has given the point goal for the first quarter of school, and this class supports that endeavor!   All Spring View students are required to read for 15 minutes each night this quarter.  Also, check to see if your child is recording in their log book each time they read!

AVID News for the First Quarter

AVID begins on Monday, August 25th!  I'm excited to meet each and every one of my students and look forward to guiding this class in the areas of organzation, study habits, academic support, preparation for college, advancement toward high school AP courses, and much more!  This is a journey we will take together and will grow as academically minded individuals. 
Materials needed for this class overlap with many basic supplies required for middle school.  Here is a list to double check and gather, if needed, any supplies necessary:
*good quality 3-ring binder----3"with pocket inserts
*colored tab subject dividers to separate classes, including AVID Elective
*zipper pouch to store supplies (a 3-hole punched, heavy-duty, re-sealable plastic bag will also work)
*2 or more pens (black or blue ink)
*2 or more pencils
*notebook paper
*Spring View planner
* composition book (which will be our learning log)
*post-it notes
Focused note-taking, otherwise known as Cornell Notes will be the target for the next few weeks.  This process and study habit will be expected to transfer to the students' core classes.  


There are some items I buy through out the year.  If you feel a nudge, I'd be happy to accept any donation you can give!
wrapped candy (for rewards and incentives)
boxes of kleenex
post-it notes
composition books
pocket folders
Thank you! 

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