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Ecosystem Research



Start your project at one (or all) of these websites about biomes:
The World's Biomes -- from the University of California
Biomes & Ecosystems -- great information and great links!
Blue Planet Biomes (has Chaparral)
Encyclopedia Britannica.  You will get more information about the biome, and start learning about the organisms that live together there.  Passwords are on page 16 of your planner. -- great information about biomes and the organisms that live there. 
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 Click to select an picture...  
A-Z Animals is great for information about consumers.
AnimalBytes from Seaworld is perfect for your assignment, but it does not include all animals.
GVRL -- Use this at school (or look at page 16 of your student planner for the password for GALE).  A comprehensive animal database.
 Click to select an picture...   DECOMPOSERS
Decomposers Read this -- it will help you figure out what to pick.

Nature's Recyclers:  Vultures and fungi, maggots and bacteria.  Oh, yes!


Don't forget to cite your sources.  Use EasyBib -- just put in a URL or a book's title  and author and it will generate a citation in the correct format.