Spring View Middle School

Information Sources

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Check Britannica School first -- a great place to start any project.  (Password required)
Explora -  database!  (Password required)
Discovery Education - HUGE resource with videos on every body system.  All you need is your school Google account to get in!  Listen with earphones or buds.
 Gale eBooks are also awesome -- put "_______ system" in the search line and you will get a helpful, comprehensive article.  (Password required)
InnerBody -- find your system from the  list on the left.  Move your cursor over the labeled body parts and click on them for a full description of each.
Human Body -- a cool interactive site from National Geographic!
Human Anatomy by Physical Therapists.com --Great links to sites on all the human body systems!
TeensHealth is a great site ... 
Digital Resources from Mrs. Ditman:) 
Your Digestive System & How it Works (from the National Institutes of Health, including information about diseases of the digestive system).
Neuroscience for Kids is a great site about the brain and nervous system.