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Sora by Overdrive

Sora by Overdrive

Steps on a smartphone or tablet:

(for a Chromebook or computer, go to and follow the same procedure).

Before logging in to the app, make sure you are not logged in to any personal Google account on your phone.  Sora will have trouble connecting to your school account if you are already logged in to Google with other credentials.

1. Go to your app store: Google Play or the Apple Store

  • Search for Sora (you want Sora, by Overdrive)
  • Get the app and open it

2. Find My School (you are NOT looking for Spring View!)

  • Choose “Greater Sacramento Schools, Rocklin Unified School District” if it is listed. If so, skip to #3.
  • If you do not see it, click on “My school isn’t listed”.
  • Search for “Rocklin”.
  • It will say: Greater Sacramento Schools, Rocklin Unified School District.

3. Click “This is my School”.

  • Sign in to your school.
  • Select Rocklin Unified School District.

4. Select “sign in using …

  • Continue
  • Link to your school Google account,
  • Enter your user ID and password for your RUSD account.

That’s about it. Easy, huh?


For Kindle:

You can send most borrowed eBooks from Sora to Kindle. After logging into Sora and borrowing a book, follow these steps:

  • Go to Shelf > Loans.
  • Tap Options.
  • Tap Send to device.
  • Tap Send to Kindle (U.S. only) to go to Amazon.
  • From Amazon, you can finish sending the eBook to your Kindle:
    • If you're signed into Amazon, choose your device from the "Deliver to:" menu. Then, tap Get library book.
    • If you're not signed into Amazon, tap Get library book and sign in. Then, choose a device to deliver the book to.
    • Tap Close in the top-right corner to go back to Sora.

You can also make Kindle your preferred reading device to go to Amazon right after you borrow eBooks.