Spring View Middle School

Possible electives available at Spring View Middle School are:

  • Art I (one semester)
  • Art II (one semester- must have taken and passed Art I)
  • Concert Band (two semesters)
  • Symphonic Band (two semesters--a zero period)
  • String Orchestra (two semesters--offered in place of intervention period)
  • Chorus (one semester)
  • Exploratory Spanish (one semester)
  • Spanish I (8th Grade only--two semesters)
  • Family and Consumer Science (formerly known as Home Economics) (one semester)
  • Exploratory Computer Science (one semester)
  • Computer Science I (8th graders only--two semesters)
  • Other possible electives may be assigned to support students in their academics or offer students opportunities for service within the school day.
Printable brochure for your convenience. 

ART Ititle

This course offers students an introduction and foundation for basic art skills and concepts. Students will experience a variety of media, including watercolor, tempera and acrylic paint, ink pen, drawing pencil, crayon and clay. Concepts such as composition, color theory, drawing and shading techniques, linear perspective, and the elements of art and the principles of design are explored. This is a one-semester course. A $15 donation is suggested to go toward consumable lab materials. 


This course will help students develop their musicianship through band and small ensemble performances. In addition, band will provide many opportunities to develop creativity, leadership, friendships, and school spirit as we work together toward excellence and sharing our music at community and school performances. Performances are an important part of the grading process.


This course is designed for the advanced middle school musician. It is offered during "0" period (7:30-8:20 a.m.). This class is designed primarily for 8th grade students who have been in the band elective for a full year in 7th grade. This group will provide many performance opportunities including concerts, festivals, and touring Rocklin’s elementary schools.



Orchestra is open to the experienced music student seeking to gain a well-rounded music education through the medium of stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass). Orchestra is a year long elective which focuses on the developing and refining of string techniques, building music vocabulary, and understanding basic music theory and notation. In addition, orchestra will provide many opportunities to develop creativity, leadership, and friendships as we all work together toward excellence in sharing of our music. School and community performances are an important part of the grading process.


This course is for students who want to learn to sing better and share in the joy of performing a variety of choral music. This class will cover singing techniques, reading music, and exploring various types and styles of songs. Performances are an important part of the grading process. This course is open to all students who like to sing, regardless of past experience.



Grade Level: 7-8

Prerequisite: None

Exploratory Spanish is one semester entry-level Spanish course. Students will develop a stronger cultural awareness and appreciation through this course. The curriculum will flow easily into Spanish 1 so students electing to continue on will benefit from this introductory class. It was developed so that the student will study vocabulary and develop basic mastery of regular verbs and certain irregular verb conjugations. Students will learn basic rules, which govern Spanish grammar.



Grade Level: 8

Prerequisite: GPA of 3.0 or higher

Spanish 1 is a one-year course designed so that the student will study vocabulary, have a basic mastery of regular and irregular verb conjugations in the present tense, and be able to answer basic questions. In addition, students will develop a stronger cultural awareness, which is an essential aspect of learning a language. Students will learn basic Spanish conversation skills along with rules that govern Spanish grammar. Classroom activities will include paired and group activities, skits, story-telling, translations, games, videos, presentations, art related projects, daily warm-ups, book work exercise, and tests (written and oral). A student must earn a grade of "C" or better in this course in order to take Spanish II at the high school.


This introductory course aims to enrich students’ lives through a variety of project-based learning experiences and acquaints students with the career pathways connected to Clothing and Textiles, as well as Foods and Nutrition. In-class learning
activities allow students to develop life-enriching skills, while showcasing their creativity and individuality. Our curriculum also provides a basis to pursue culinary courses in high school.  Students will use classroom sewing equipment to design and construct their own unique products. During their study of food science and nutrition, students will prepare and taste test an assortment of foods.  Students are requested to provide their own sewing supplies as well as a $15.00 donation toward consumable lab materials.


Exploratory Computer Science (semester)

If you are curious about how cell phones and robots work or want to learn how to 3D print, then this class is for you. You will learn how to wire circuits, program robots, design in 3D (action figures, gifts, inventions, etc), create a website, and so much more!

Computer Science I (year long)

Prerequisite:  At least an 85% in Exploratory Computer Science. In this class, you will learn JavaScript, Python, PHP, and other coding languages as time permits. You will also dive into 3D design and printing, in addition to network management, and learning how to build an iOS app.  If you love technology and want an edge on everyone else going into high school, then this class is for you.