Spring View Middle School

  • If you missed the Parent Information Night and would like to learn more about ways you can use Naviance.
  • Counselors will be going into 7th grade students History class beginning the last week of January to present Naviance.   
 What is Naviance?
NAVIANCE is a web-based resource allowing students to not only engage in career and college readiness activities but also create an individualized educational plan which can include prospective colleges, letters of recommendation and personal tracking tools. 
Spring View Middle School takes pride in presenting our students with the tools and resources to support their efforts on their journey toward higher education and career choice. We encourage parents, guardians, and family members to utilize NAVIANCE along with your middle school student. 
Students will be able to:
Complete Career Key (Interest inventory based in Holland’s Interest Codes)
Identify High Interest Careers
Explore Careers and Career Clusters (occupational groupings)
Road Trip Nation (videos depicting a variety of careers)
Access College and University General Information
Parents will be able to:
Access student’s activities
Explore with Student High Career Interest Areas
Utilize Completed Activities to Support Registration Process for High School
Investigate Colleges/Universities Based on Student Interest 
 How to Log on: 

User name: first name.last name (ex. john.smith)
Password: your permanent student ID number
Click "I need to register"
  Registration code: your student's permanent student ID number is your registration code (ex. 1234567M)
Registration Codes
  • Mother= M
  • Father= F
  • Stepmother= SM
  • Stepfather = SF
You will be prompted to create your own password for future use.