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School Description


Spring View Middle School is located in Rocklin, California.The seventh and eighth grade enrollment for the school year is approximately 779.

Teachers are divided into six teams. Each team is composed of four teachers.  In this environment, teachers are better able to network with each other to assist students who may need extra help and support. The teachers are in separate classrooms, and students rotate between the various classrooms.

The students spend six periods out of the eight-period day in their teams. Four of the periods are scheduled for core academics (English, math, science, and social science) with the fifth period reserved for a variety of activities including intervention, enrichment, as well as academic habits, goal-setting and organization. For some students, fifth period is a time for study skills, ELD and targeted intervention. The remaining two periods of the seven-period day are reserved for physical education and electives. Each student has one period of physical education and one period of an elective. The electives currently available at Spring View for both grades include Chorus, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Family & Consumer Science (Home Economics), Advantage Eagle, Art 1 and 2, Exploratory Spanish and Spanish I. A student who enters Spring View as a seventh grader and stays through the four semesters to promotion will be able to take up to four of the electives. Students are given the opportunity to indicate their first and second choices for an elective.